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 Programs & Services

The Cordelion Performing Arts Academy provides a unique approach to performing arts education, using our programs to encourage youth entrepreneurship, early career development, and social engagement. Our holistic approach ensures that students gain valuable skills in addition to honing their artistic abilities.



This specially designed program, spread across 6 to 8-week sessions, offers young aspiring artists the unique opportunity to discover, nurture, and showcase their talents.

With an inspiring curriculum that includes weekly dance and theatre classes, students are immersed in a vibrant learning environment that cultivates creativity, confidence, and collaboration. Taught by seasoned professionals, each session focuses on building essential skills, techniques, and a deep appreciation for the arts.


Young Captivating Artist

Not your average program; it's a profound journey designed for those ready to elevate their artistic prowess to professional heights.



an arts and leadership cohort designed to equip young women ages 12-16 with the skills to progress further in their aspirations for arts and entertainment.

Here's a glimpse at what awaits.....

Creative Projects

 Dive into exciting projects like music videos, short films, and concept videos. Collaborate, create, and experience the thrills of turning ideas into visual artistry.


Members are matched with industry mentors who will guide, support, and cultivate your ideas. Benefit from one-on-one insights and nurture your vision under expert supervision.

Holistic Learning

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey through classes in public relations, audio engineering, vocal performance, and more. Each course is designed to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizons.

Community Service

Engage with your community through meaningful service initiatives. Learn the art of giving back and develop empathy, leadership, and social responsibility.

Collaborative Enviornment

Connect with like-minded peers, industry professionals, and creative entrepreneurs. This network will empower your creativity and open doors for future collaboration.

Unlocking Your Potential

 Through hands-on experience and guided learning, unlock your potential to become the next creative entrepreneur, influencer, or artistic trailblazer.


Our cafeteria offers a variety of healthy and delicious food options to keep our students fueled throughout the day. Click here to learn more about our cafeteria.

Equipment Room

Our equipment room is stocked with everything our students need to make their films a success. From cameras to lighting, we have everything you need to bring your vision to life. Click here to learn more about our equipment room.

Editing Suites

Our state-of-the-art editing suites are equipped with the latest software and technology to help our students create high-quality films. Click here to learn more about our editing suites.


Our library is filled with books and resources on all aspects of filmmaking, from screenwriting to cinematography. Click here to learn more about our library.


Building a community of courageous leaders through the arts, meeting students right where they are through the service of The City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. We offer programming conveniently located on the East and North Sides of Columbus.



1826 Lattimer Dr. Columbus, Oh 43227

A  compact training program for ages 3-18 years old. Classes are offered 6-8:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and 11a-1p on Saturdays.



1350 Briarwood Ave Columbus, OH 43211

Streamline focused programming, offering classes for Beginner Hip-Hop and Majorette ( Jazz Based)  Skills and Drills 6-8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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